Overcoming Writer's Regret

I am a sometimes writer who is trying to develop my skills while getting more serious about and more consistent with my writing. I've always been frustrated by my lack of productivity and my long lapses. This is an eleven part series of articles addressing my attempt to get right with writing; a Table Of Contents is below. I discuss books on writing I've read, new writing tools and my new writing process. I also discuss my concerns, the obstacles I face, and my long term plans.

More articles like this will come in the future as I put into practice what I've learned and adjust my thinking to the realities of my new writing practices.

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I encourage you to offer comments, critiques or words of encouragement while you are here. This page is the only place where you can post comments directly to this blog entry. None of the other pages of this article has a comment section, a squarespace feature, not my choice. The comment section is below the table of contents. 

"Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man." -- Francis Bacon

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Table Of Contents

Part 1: Can't Get There From Here
Regret weights tons
Just a wannabe
Less than fully committed
My old, failed writing process
Part 2: New Tools, New Process
Books I've read on writing 
Writing tools I've purchased
My new writing process
Part 3: The Long Term Plan
Will I be happy with final result?
Money I don't have
My long term plan
I’m gonna make this happen
Part 4: A Major Writing Setback
I cancelled my favorite project
The story that revealed the problem
Acknowledging what this means
Rethinking my writing