Welcome to My American Morning.

I'm Don L Turner.

This is me at age 65 with my first full-frame camera, the Nikon D600. 

This is me at age 65 with my first full-frame camera, the Nikon D600. 

On twitter and many other social sites I am TaoMannaDon.

This blog represents my move beyond dealing primarily with recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from war trauma during my one year tour of duty as a combat infantryman in Vietnam. My old site at taomanna.com still exists as a record of my creative efforts during that recovery. Some of the articles posted there will also be posted here and will have the original post date.

My PTSD recovery is still ongoing, and may likely affect my life indefinitely, but, through therapy and a healthy lifestyle, I am steadily improving.  I must admit to still living in somewhat of a protective bubble, provided by my loving family, that minimizes the stress and anxiety that almost destroyed me.  But I am much better now and ready to concentrate more on writing. I will continue my work with landscape photography and post my best work here under the Portfolio section. My interest in writing songs still exists but health and financial issues will keep me from recording and posting my music on-line. I still want to do video for YouTube but, so far, my brain cannot handle how that complicates my life .... but I'm not giving up on producing videos. I just don't know when I can make it happen.

I have reorganized the sections of my blog and otherwise attempted a cleaner, more simple design. The Personal Commentary section will have articles about my life, my struggle with PTSD and health issues, and articles about my writing, including what I've learned, how I learned it and will use it, and info about my writing projects.

The Political Commentary section will have articles about my political views and my transition from thoughtless liberal to a thinking conservative/objectivist. I will occasionally comment on current events and how a conservative/objectivist approach to America's problems might provide workable solutions. At some point I will explain what conservative/objectivist means to me. I believe that hybrid political philosophy is the answer to America's problems.  

The Creative Writing section will be a heavy focus for me. I am planning to write a number of fictionalized personal stories and "purely fictional" stories, short and novel length.

The Portfolio section will include a few of my best photos. I go out a few times each week to walk and take photos in local parks. Whenever I capture something especially good I will add it to my portfolio. More of my photos are on flickr.

Icons for all my social site connections appear near the top of most pages. Follow me on twitter to see my early morning tweets and political comments. More detailed discussion from me is on google plus. Circle me there to see links to new articles from my blog (links will also be posted on twitter). I'm also on facebook and YouTube (although no videos yet).

Thank you for visiting. I encourage comments. The comment area is at the bottom of each article. It the article has multiple pages, only the first page will have a comment section. Go back to the first page to leave your comment. You can sign in with google +, facebook, or twitter ... or you can post anonymously. There is also a "share" button it you'd like to share my articles on twitter, google plus or other social sites.