I Blame It On The Wall

A Wall of Philosophical Deception

In these times of political upheaval -- ill feelings, harsh language, fistfights and riots – I feel the need to offer an olive branch, of sorts, to those who might disagree with my politics, by swallowing my pride and humbly saying that the political left does not suffer from a mental disorder … any more than a child who believes in Santa Clause suffers from a mental disorder.

I blame it on the wall.

No matter your politics, if you are told a lovely lie often enough, and if no credible opposing evidence seems available, you are likely to believe the lie. A wall of philosophical deception has been erected between reality and leftist political ideology by lovers of power and haters of liberty for the sole purpose of protecting that lovely lie. The wall is a mighty structure, with all who feel protected by it sworn to maintain its structural integrity like a mama bear protecting her cubs. Anyone who attempts to tear down that wall, or poke a hole in it, is met with an irrational force of fear and anger by those citizens long-since trapped by the welfare state, by those citizens who have fully invested their trust in lovely lies, and by those politicians and bureaucrats who fear loss of unearned wealth and power, without the protection provided by the wall.

Once, that wall of philosophical deception was weak … but, through decades of unexplainable and careless inattention, the American political right ignored it until the wall garnered the support of academia and the media … and the protection and the force of government. Attempted damage to that mighty wall can now result in severe penalties.

The Left Takes Liberties

The wall is not impenetrable. Occasionally, words propel truth through the wall. The left finds that unacceptable. Words must be redefined or discarded. Desires become rights; strong language becomes racism or hate speech; an unborn baby becomes a problem, a punishment, a threat to a woman’s right to use her body as she sees fit. Global cooling becomes global warming becomes climate change; whatever it is, humans are blamed, with flimsy and faked data. A person who has broken America’s laws and entered this country illegally (improper entry, in legal terms), i.e. an illegal alien and a criminal by definition, becomes an undocumented immigrant … and finds protection in sanctuary cities that aid and abet known criminals while referring to them as … undocumented immigrants. Racism becomes solely the domain of Caucasians, a racist idea, in itself. White men become the devil incarnate, not for what they have done themselves, but for what men of many races have done in the distant past.

Poor people, no matter their race, are seen as inferior, unable to survive without government help. The invisible shackles of dependency replace the empowering liberation of personal responsibility. The political left strives, with considerable success, to make dependency upon the government much more than just acceptable, creating generational poverty, failed lives and destroyed families. The sugared slavery of socialism is now embraced by unwitting descendants of slave owners, slaves and those who fought to free them.

Capitalism, the foundation of freedom that made America the most powerful country in history, is being regulated out of existence and then blamed for all the failures brought on by that regulation. Politicians and bureaucrats steal wealth from the wealth producers; the nation declines while the left blames capitalism for the decline.

America is rebranded, no longer the greatest country on earth, a bastion of freedom, an inspiration to the world. Now she is to be shamed and apologized for, while all her power and dignity is dismantled … so that the world will finally love us … to death.

The Lovely Lie

It’s all a lie, made lovely by generations of a well-practiced and sugar-coated scam. The political left’s poise with the practiced lie offers evil cloaked as good with a consistency that slowly consumes all liberty, all life. The pursuit of happiness is slowly lost to history because of a lovely lie.

What is the lie? To capture it fully in words that would fit a readable document would be impossible. In the briefest of terms, the lie says that government knows best, that the modern liberal version of socialism is fair to all and will fulfill your needs by taking wealth from the wealth producers and redistributing it, that the government will never run out of money, that security is more important than freedom, that liberty and capitalism are dangerous. The lie sees no value in personal responsibility. The lie claims that government control is the best option for our country. The lie claims so many things that are not and can never be true.

Here are some truths

It is not intelligence, not good judgment, not insight into understanding unfathomable by others; socialism is wrong. It does not lead to world peace, a clean environment, compassion, hope, love, or happiness; socialism leads to evil. It is not what you've been told in school, not what you’ve read or seen in the news; socialism is a history, a present and a future of disaster. It is not about freedom, not about rights, not about human progress; socialism is about tyrannical power over helpless people.

The evidence is overwhelming, but goes unseen, disguised, or forgotten.

Socialism, in its finest hour, cannot rise above nor survive without contorted logic, fragmented thinking, self-deception, blatant lies.

But most democrats and many republicans can’t see the lies; the wall hides the truth.

The Fat Lady Has Not Yet Sung

The cause of the American political right may seem hopeless … but it is not. I know; I once lived behind the wall. Almost every day I thank God for Jimmy Carter; without his presidency, I might still be a democrat. But I saw what he did to my country and I climbed that wall and escaped the lies I’d been told all my life. Perhaps Barack Obama will be someone’s Jimmy Carter.

Perhaps life lessons will reveal the truth for some. Perhaps a pundit, a politician, or a modern-day philosopher with a softer verbal touch or a more persuasive technique than mine will find the words to break through and rescue a few more, maybe many more. Perhaps the wall will eventually crumble under the weight of deception piled upon deception. Perhaps dormant lovers of freedom and personal responsibility will wake up and take a more active role in our country’s future before the wall engulfs them. Perhaps seeing great numbers of citizens supporting the cause of liberty will help others see past the wall, through the lies. Perhaps all that will happen in time to save America and return her to greatness.

Throughout American history, good and decent people have been misled; smart folks have come to believe the lie. If that describes you, embarrassment or guilt may taunt you as your mind clears. But don’t be concerned, the political right will welcome you with open arms. Move toward the truth and get right with history. Help save your country.

Good people do get caught up in the lie; nonetheless, the left’s success begins and ends with specific human targets. Modern liberal socialism is a brilliant malignity with failed ideas presented by skilled liars to the indoctrinated witless and the unscrupulous willing. But I mean that in the nicest way. If you find yourself on the political left and that offensive statement does not fit you, it was not meant for you. If it doesn’t fit … you must quit – quit supporting the wall. (apologies to Johnny Cochran)

Those good citizens on the political left are not mentally challenged, not psychotic. They, though misguided in their view of politics and the real world, range in IQ from dolt to genius, and are otherwise well adjusted, except for those who frequent various detention centers after running afoul of the law; but they are in the minority. The left may represent a majority of detention dwellers but most on the left have not and will never be detained by the law … or by reality, as long as their precious wall stays intact.

So be advised: no matter how convenient or logical the claim, the political left does not suffer from a mental disorder.

But that wall … that freaking wall … is totally insane.