Wisdom and Courage

There is a day so special that no words can ever describe its importance to history. July 4, 1776 marked a new beginning for liberty, a new inspiration for long-suffering masses who dreamed of a better life for their families, a point from which the modern world could set a new course toward that elusive natural right of individuals to design their own futures.

Signed on that special day and the days that followed, the Declaration Of Independence is the beloved document that commemorates the wisdom and courage of good men who risked everything, including their lives, to defy much of human history and provide an opportunity for greatness from the common man. And the common man rose to and rose above that opportunity; he created human progress beyond anything the signers of that document could have imagined.

The Declaration Of Independence insisted that government should exist at the “consent of the governed” for the primary purpose of insuring natural rights endowed to all men by their Creator. That may be the most powerful political idea ever put to paper. The world has benefited mightily.

What a miracle it was for the wisdom and courage of those special souls who founded our great nation to all come together at that point in history and that point on our large planet to create the United States of America.

We must understand and respect our history and the sacrifices made by good citizens who love our country. We must forever be thankful for this blessed gift of liberty we all share. And, inspired by the signers of the Declaration Of Independence, we must find within ourselves the wisdom and courage to clearly state our grievances and declare independence from the looming tyranny of socialism; we must find within ourselves the wisdom and courage to lead our country toward a future replete with the greatness that naturally flows from self-motivated self-reliant individuals. 

May God bless the United Sates of America. 

And may God bless the founders of our country and all those who have fought, and we who will continue to fight, to keep America free.