Don't Do That!

From time to time, after I have posted a series of tweets on twitter, a liberal will ask something like this: “Have you or any of those conservatives you quote actually ever offered a solution to these things you complain about?” Well, yes we have. Tweets, facebook postings, blogs, articles, even books are written describing political problems in a way which clearly implies, “don't do that.” Millions of readers are influenced by or draw strength from those writings.

Lets suppose you observe an terminally obese man gorging himself or a drug addict shooting up a lethal drug or a president spending too much taxpayer money. You respond by saying, “Don't do that.” Is your response part of the solution? Yes. In fact, if your advice was heeded, the problem would be on the way to resolution. More would need to be done, maybe even by you. But the roots of solution lay in the offender accepting your advice.

Not every person will be a politician or political decision maker or someone with direct influence on those people. Some may have no means to participate in political problem solving other than voting and offering their opinions to friends and posting them on-line. Some may have large audiences that respect what you say and are even inspired by your wisdom. You may actually have well-developed plans to offer; but even if all you can do is say “don't do that,” your effort is part of the solution.

The liberals ignored “don't do that” from America and they lost the House of Representatives and a multitude of state and local offices in 2010. If enough people say “don't do that” few politicians will have the courage to do it.

If enough people say “don't do that” even the president will eventually have to listen; or we will elect a new president who will listen.